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• Any holder of GCE LEVEL for English speakers and BACCALAUREAT for French speakers can enter at HIES no matter the option they did at secondary school. • You can also enter at HIES With a Bachelor or licence in French • You can come and start Bachelor level 2 or master New students that came at HIES have to pass an entrance test to see their level so than we can train them better excepted bachelor level 2 with whom we proceed with school record.
We have the following options available for environmental sciences • Environmental and social impact assessment • Environmental health • AgroForestry • Climate Change • Conservation Biology • Crop production • rights of Environment
NO, for the moment there are not evening training at HIES. School starts at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM

yes, there’s internship inside HIES but if a student wants to do internship in another enterprise, we can help him with recommendation


No there are not online courses for the moment but we think about that
In collaboration with the greatest universities worldwide UCLA( USA, DREXEL(USA), and University GHENT(BELGIUM) we have the opportunity to give to our students two types of scholarship: 1. Simple scholarship On this one, the student have to write a project. If that project is the best among many others, the student can get 5000$ or 10.000$. 2.Scholarship to continue your studies abroad you can have an opportunity to go and continue your studies in the universities we mentioned up there.
Environmental en social impact assessment -Charged of environmental studies of a company(private service, state service) -Responsible for environmental component of an urban district -Project managers -Project managers studies - setting up consulting firm for environmental and social impact AGROFORESTRY -Agroforestry technical advisor -Agroforestry consultant -Teacher-Researcher -Establish micro-enterprises in rural and Urban areas using agroforestry technologies -contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change through the use of tree species upgraded to high market value - creation of studies office in the field of environment with the advise in the focus of agroforestery
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